A Safe & Non-Judgemental Space for You..

MWPRspace is designed to offer evidenced-based support for individuals, families, and the community.   We are committed and passionate in creating an empathic, welcoming and supportive space for everyone.   We offer one-to-one counselling support, Triple P workshops for parents and carers, Youth Mental Health First Aid and tailor-made Well-being programs for schools.  Our workshops are accredited, and our facilitators are from the mental health industry with deep experience and skills that they will be able to share with you.   We are here to help you build easy to use strategies and skills that are valuable for you and your loved ones to gain resilience and advocacy in managing life challenges.

Nadiah Karim

Principal Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Psychoeducation Consultant & Educator

Personal Counselling & Group Therapy

MWPRspace offers telehealth sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Let us help you manage your mental health challenges, life transitions, addictions and parenting issues in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space.  We provide evidenced-base treatment such as CBT, DBT and a humanistic approach.  In short, we listen, collaborate and develop a plan that meets your goals.  

For Every Parent and Family

Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, FEAR-LESS Workshop - In-person, interactive and share and build connections. 

This  workshop introduces parents to a wide range of strategies for managing children’s anxiety in a single session workshop program. The workshop is for parents who would like to have an understanding and learn strategies and skills to help manage anxiety for their family. 

Tripel P Seminars - Positive Parenting in a nutshell

These seminars are designed to help parents and carers learn strategies to promote social competence and self-regulation in children as well as decrease challenging behavior. The seminars address common parenting challenges and provide parents with suggestions to try at home. Parents are taught how to use positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need to promote their health, development, and well-being.  

For Adults to Support Adolescents


Our Youth course is designed for adults to support young people aged 12-18. Participants learn how to provide initial support to a teen who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis using a practical evidence based-action plan.


Course participants learn about the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems in adolescents; how to recognise and respond to an emerging or worsening mental health problem and the interventions and supports available.

For Schools

As part of our vision, we believe that we need to do more for our children in teaching them skills and strategies that will help them build resilience, healthy self-identity, being able to communicate their needs and to identify and self-regulate their emotions.  At the core of this, is to be able to listen to their concerns and giving them the space to ask those curly questions without judgement. 


Our programs are interactive, fun and we talk about issues that are real to them in a safe environment. 


As different school ages have different cognitive abilities and needs, we tailor-made our programs to suit the identified needs of the school and in accordance with the policies of the school. 

For Corporates - Wellness programs

We provide custom designed psychoeducation packages across a wide range of Mental Wellness topics that will benefit your employees and their families.


All our wellness programs are customised to suit your employee needs and the vision you have for your staff and organisation.   Our program will be a combination of building self-awareness and learning skills like stress management and emotion regulation.   If you are an organisation that supports young people, we can train your staff to be an accredited Youth Mental Health first aider. 


Learning about mental health wellness and how to spot and support others and self is an invaluable gift that you can to your staff.  We offer full-day & half day programs. 


Reach out to us and we can work together to design a package that suits your needs.

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