Holistic Well-being programs for Students, Parents, Carers, Teachers and the wider school community.

Welcome to Mental Wellness Prevention & Recovery Space. We offer evidenced-based tailored well-being programs for everyone supporting children.  


We offer various workshops - Triple P, Youth Mental Health First Aid,  Bringing up Great Kids, Bringing Up Great Kids in the first 1000 days, and tailor-made well-being programs for primary and high schools based on their specific needs. In addition, we offer 1-1 counselling support and group therapy for anyone in the wider school community.


Our programs are accredited, and our facilitators are from the mental health industry with deep experience and knowledge that they will be able to share with you.   We are here to help you build easy to use strategies and skills that are valuable for you and your loved ones to gain resilience and advocacy in managing life challenges.

Nadiah Karim

Principal Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Psychoeducation Consultant & Educator

For Students  - Well-being Workshops

We need to do much more for our children in teaching them skills and strategies that will help them build resilience, healthy self-identity,  being able to communicate their needs and to identify and self-regulate their emotions.  At the core of this, is to be able to listen to their concerns and giving them the space to ask those curly questions without judgement. 

Our programs are interactive, fun and we talk about issues that are real to them in a safe environment.  As different school ages have different cognitive abilities and needs, we tailor-made our programs to suit the identified needs of the school and in accordance with the policies of the school.

We run both half and full day workshops, below are some of our tailored made workshops: 

  • Consent and Sexual Consent
  • Healthy Relationships and Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Say No Effectively and Communicate our Needs
  • Different types of Bullying & Strategies to Respond to Bullying
  • ‘In My Own Skin’ – Self and Others, Strategies to build body positivity
  • What are Emotions, How to Identify and How to Regulate Big emotions
  • Other themes based on your school needs

For Parents & Carers  - Triple P Seminars and Workshops

We understand that parenting can be challenging, and we all want to support our children/teen the best way we know how.  Triple P Program have taken the guess work out of the equation.  The Seminars and workshops are designed by a clinical psychologists and researchers to help us learn strategies and skills that work.  Let’s equip ourselves so we cab also teach our children/teen to feel empowered and build resiliency.  

  • Triple P – Positive Parenting Seminars

The seminars address common parenting challenges and provide parents with suggestions to try at home. Parents are taught how to use positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need to promote their health, development, and well-being.  We run three 90minutes seminar topics.  In Seminar 1 - The Power of Positive Parenting – parents & carers are introduced to five key principles of positive parenting.  In Seminar 2 - Raising Confident, Competent Children – parents & carers are introduced to six core building blocks that are designed to help children to become confident and successful at school and beyond.  Seminar 3 - Raising Resilient Children - introduces six additional core building blocks for parents & carers to use when helping their children to manage their feelings and coping skills.  Research has shown that two of the outcomes for parents & carers are the reduce stress associated with raising children and improvement in family communication about parenting issues.

  • Triple P Fear-Less Anxiety Management Seminar or/and Intensive Workshop


This seminar will introduce parents and caregivers to easy-to-use anxiety-management strategies that support children with signs of anxiety to help your child/teenager feel calmer and empowered.   Topics that will be covered include understanding how anxiety works, knowing how to help your child/teenager develop coping skills and to face feared situations, such as class show & tell, and successfully managing children’s anxious behaviours. 

1-Day Intensive Workshop

We understand that it can be challenging and at times confusing for us to know how best to support our child or young person who experience significant anxiety.  Participating in a small group workshop creates a safe space for us to discuss, learn and practise skills that you can use and teach your child/teen right away.

Workshop numbers are limited to 8 people. This may also be a follow-up to the Fear-Less seminar.  

Educators, School Staff, Parents and Anyone working with Young People - Youth Mental Health First Aid Workshop

This is a 14 hour accredited and evidenced based workshop for anyone who engages with young people at work and at home.  This training is essential component for all educators, school staff, parents and people who work with adolescence because we need to be able to support and assist our youth when they are in a crisis, in emotional distress, or when we notice they are developing a mental health challenge.   To be able to know what to do and how to better support them, we need to have the skills and strategies at our disposal.   As we embark into 2023, are offering teachers and parents a discounted rate for groups of 10.  Please contact us for more details. 

Anyone in the School Community Needing Personal Support - One to One Telehealth Counselling

MWPRspace offers telehealth sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   Life has its ups and downs, and we all need support to manage some of these challenges.  It takes courage to reach out and we are here to listen.  We know not one size shoes are not realistic, we use an array of different techniques and modalities to help you reach your goal, personal growth and self-awareness.    Evidenced base modalities we use include CBT, DBT, Solution-focused brief interventions and Narrative therapy.  We can help you with life transitions, addictions, mood disorders, parenting issues. 

Women’s Group Therapy

We are excited to offer a women’s group.  This is a process and existential group designed to create a non-judgemental and safe space for women to have a chat about their life experiences and challenges.  It is an empowering and healing experience as we share and connect with other women who understands and able to validate our thoughts and emotions.  This will be a closed group and limited to 8 people.  It runs in cycles of 8 weeks and each week; a topic of discussion will be introduced.  The group may also include a psychoeducation point if the group facilitator finds this helpful support for the group.  At the moment, this will be run via zoom in the comfort of your home.  

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