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Positive Parenting in a Nutshell

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Come and join us for a discussion on parenting in a non-judgmental and safe space.  These seminars are designed to help parents and carers learn strategies to promote social competence and self-regulation in children as well as decrease challenging behavior. The seminars address common parenting challenges and provide parents with suggestions to try at home. Parents are taught how to use positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need to promote their health, development, and well-being.  

Triple P Seminars are an informal presentation, a little like a public forum. There are three seminars in the Triple P series and one about FEAR-LESS, you can choose any seminar below  : 

  • The Power of Positive Parenting: For every parent who ever wondered: “Why does my child do that?” This seminar helps you understand the reasons kids do what they do, so you can guide their behaviour – and see more of the behaviour you like, and less of the behaviour you don’t like. 

  • Raising Confident, Competent Children: You can help your child become confident and successful – at school and beyond. Find out ways to encourage them to be respectful and considerate, communicate and get on well with others, feel good about themselves and become independent problem solvers. 

  • Raising Resilient Children: How can you help your child manage their emotions so they cope well with disappointment and in stressful situations? Get the strategies that will allow them to recognise positive and negative emotions – and deal with them in a healthy way.

  • FEAR-LESS : Parents are introduced to information about Anxiety,  how to become effective emotion coaches and strategies to manage their children’s anxiety effectively. (Parents have the option to enrol in an extended and small group or individual program for intensive intervention and strategies tailor-made to you and your child). 

You can find out more at Triple P. 


Our groups meet virtually via zoom every Tuesdays from 10.30am to 12:00 noon.  The topics for each session will rotate each week, starting with Power of Positive Parenting followed by Raising Confident, Competent Children; Raising Resilient Children and FEAR-Less (supporting kids who are anxious about school & activities).   There is no homework or follow-up but you will definitely get some great ideas to take home and try out with your family!   Time will be allocated for parents to ask questions at the end of the Webinair.


Each Seminar cost AUD$50 per person and you can book your spot below.  Zoom meeting detauls will be sent to you with your booking confirmation.

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